Dads’ Workshop

Sometimes we work on stuff, and sometimes we just hang out


Did you know that small children have different physiological responses to their fathers? Or that dads, compared to moms, have more of an instinct to challenge their small children? There is fascinating evolutionary science behind why dads do it differently, and recent research showing that the “dad way” is irreplaceable, and great for kids’ development.

What: In these informal virtual sessions, we’ll talk a little about “the science of dad,” but mostly about what you are up against now; connecting (and disconnecting), managing challenging behaviors, family dynamics, how and when to be fearless now, and how to not lose your mind in these tricky times. Bring your questions, and hang with (and learn from) your fellow GP dads.

When: The very first session is Wednesday, December 16th at 8pm PSD.

Leader: Ben Swett is a former GP dad, & Executive Director of Early Engagement, the nonprofit behind the StartStartTM infant and toddler parent
coaching program. Ben has led dad groups at the GP, as well as the “Respect, Boundaries & Communications” zoom sessions.

How Much? $10 – Grab Your Seat Now!

Note: While you don’t have to talk, to facilitate sharing, these are “camera on” sessions.