Strong Start™ Before Baby… for Dads


Help your baby, your partner and yourself thrive. Becoming a father is probably the most challenging (and rewarding) thing you’ll ever do. Our Before Baby gives new dads only what’s most important. We’ll coach you in the mental game – how to keep everyone together, while setting your new family up for long-term success.

Our Program

Zoom Packages

A Free 15-minute session organized by your Doula, OB or other childbirth professional. (Included in their program – or sign up here) Includes how dads parent differently and why it matters; why being a new dad is so difficult, and how you can prepare for it; how your kid will learn lifetime “Mental Wealth” skills; and a few keys to a happy family and long term success.

Two 1-hour Online Sessions, with take home exercise and FREE follow-up session with you and your baby!  (book your Session – $175)

Session 1:

What You’re Getting Into – or “Why having a New Baby Sucks”

  • Your Baby’s Headfirst High-speed Journey into Personhood
  • Your Important New Roles … and how Everything Will Change
  • Family Mental Wellness – or, How to be the Car Seat for Your Baby’s Mind
  • How to “Baby Proof” your Partnership

Take Home Exercise

4 Dates for the Future: a self-led couple’s program to prepare you for the storms ahead – tips, tricks, team play, new moves and the good way to fight

Session 2:

The Birth – and the Long Game

  • Dad only Q&A on the birth, changes to mom, and the next few months
  • Your Baby’s Whole Life:
    – The “Mental Wealth” traits (confidence, people skills, resilience, etc) all come from the first 3 years
    – You’ll get specific tips, tricks and techniques to help set your child up for long-term success at school, at work, and in relationships.

Graduation: A Free follow-up Session with Your Baby!

Sharing and Q&A – a few months out. Tips and tricks for Now That It’s Real. Reconnect with the guys in your section, and introduce your New Small Person

Strong Start™ Before Baby for New Dads is 3
one-hour zoom sessions, plus take-home exercises.

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