Strong Start™ Before Baby… for Dads


The most important learning in your baby’s life comes before their third birthday – when traits like confidence, self-reliance, and people skills are developed.

Early Engagement’s Strong Start™ Before Baby For Dads Program is a science-based program that gives you an overview of how your child’s mental development works – and tells you what only you can do to support it. You’ll learn about challenges to expect and how to deal with them, relationship tricks, plus how to develop communication habits that support both your child’s confidence and independence and a peaceful family life.

In Early Engagement’s Strong Start™ In-Person Practices, kids play freely while dads (or other caregivers) watch closely and learn from their children, each other, the group leader and themselves. Stories, problems and development science are shared with the team while the children do their thing. Dads’ re-connect to fundamentals and their child, and work on the “Thinking,” “Feeling” and “People” skills that contribute to a peaceful family and determine lifelong success.

Our Program

Zoom Packages

A Free 15-minute session organized by your Doula, OB or other childbirth professional. (Included in their program – or sign up here) Includes how dads parent differently and why it matters; why being a new dad is so difficult, and how you can prepare for it; how your kid will learn lifetime “Mental Wealth” skills; and a few keys to a happy family and long term success.

Two 1-hour Online Sessions, with take home exercise and FREE follow-up session with you and your baby!  (book your Session – $175)

Session 1:

“Why having a New Baby Sucks”

  • Your Baby’s Headfirst High-Speed Journey into Personhood
  • Your Important New Roles … and how Everything Will Change
  • Family Mental Wellness
  • How to “Baby Proof” your Partnership

Take Home Exercise

4 Dates for the Future: a self-led couple’s program to prepare your parenting team for the storms
ahead – tips, tricks, team play, new moves and the good way to fight

Session 2:

The Birth – and the Long Game

  • Dad only Q&A on the birth, changes to mom, and the next few months
  • Review of things to be prepared for, including predictable challenges (sleep, etc)
  • Your Baby’s Whole Life:
    • The “Mental Wealth” traits (confidence, people skills, resilience, etc) –
      • Where they come from, and
      • Our System for Learning Communication Habits that will give Mental Wealth to
        your child
    • Lots of Tips, Tricks and Techniques to help set your child up for long-term success at school, at work, and in relationships – and how to set up home relationships that are peaceful, productive, and work for your baby, your partner, and for you!

Graduation: A Free follow-up Session with Your Baby!

Sharing and Q&A – a few months out. Tips and tricks for Now That It’s Real. Reconnect with the guys in your section, and introduce us to your New Small Person

Strong Start™ Before Baby for New Dads is 3
one-hour zoom sessions, plus take-home exercises.