What Dad Can Do Now

  • Set your family up for success!

  • “Babyproof” your partnership

  • Prepare for what actually matters



  • Car Seat
  • Sign up for Strong Start Before Baby for Dads
  • Learn about your partner’s changes – and how to support her
  • Learn how the first years set the path for the rest of your baby’s life
  • Learn what Dads do – and why it matters
  • Learn how to support your child by taking care of yourself
  • Get tips and tricks for a happy & peaceful family life
  • Prepare for predictable challenges

  • Stock Fridge

Strong Start™ Before Baby for New Dads is 3 one-hour zoom sessions, plus take-home exercises.


Present at Birth – Father Forever

“Evidence shows benefit from fathers planning for their unique role in their new family prior to their baby’s birth.”

Course Outline

Note: content will vary, in part based on the needs of the participants.

The First Half (sections I to IV) is “How to deal with the predictable challenges and avoid what can go wrong.”
The Second Half (sections V to X) is “How to give your new baby the traits that lead to lifelong success.”

  • The story and focus of the Strong Start™ Before Baby for Dads program.
  • Introduction to the “Mental Wealth” traits needed for lifetime success in school, at work and in relationships
    • How these traits are developed in the first years of life.
    • The Father’s role in developing those traits
  • Review of scientific terms and goals
  • Facts and Figures about the demands on new parents
  • Why it’s so difficult
  • Parents’ physiochemistry – and how it changes when the baby comes
  • Specific challenges for mom – including Post-Partum Depression
  • Specific challenges for dad: difficult stages, sources of stress and how to handle them
  • Using the natural “Happy Drugs” created by you and your baby
  • Case study of Mental Wellness Practices of NBA players

“Two Minutes to Mindfulness” Equanimity Training

  • Why a new baby is so hard on your relationship
  • Why the relationship is so important for the baby
  • How men and women parent differently
    • Dad’s unique contribution to the baby’s development
    • Your healthy instinct with the baby – and why it can conflict with Mom’s
  • Why men and women parent differently
  • How Dad can take the lead in protecting the couple relationship

Take home couples’ exercise: “Four Dates for The Future”

  • Facts and Figures on kids and mental health
  • The most common, and most dangerous, mental wellness challenges
  • Case Study: Childhood Anxiety … and how parents’ “natural” response can make it much worse
  • Dad’s Special Role in supporting Family Mental Wellness
  • How your baby’s brain grows
  • How Foundational growth works
  • Healthy Attachment – your baby’s first need
  • Research findings on the “Mental Wealth” traits that make people successful, and how they develop in the first years
  • The Parent’s role in developing those traits by “envirocasting” … creating the learning environment in daily interactions
  • Lessons from sports
  • How parent communication habits create the learning environment
  • How habits work, and how to change them
  • Your baby’s different types of learning, their interaction, and how to support them
  • “Serve & Response” – what it is, how to use it, how to do it well.
  • Overview of the Strong Start™ in-person coaching approach
  • Introduction to the “Say” “See” “Seen” model for parent communication habits
  • How to have conversation with someone who doesn’t speak
  • Goals & Principles for Parent/Baby communication
  • Specific “Do’s” & “Don’ts”
  • Special Situations: conflicts, boundary-setting, other children
  • Other adults
  • Advanced ideas for developing Agency in young children.
  • Tips and Tricks

Being aware of the way how you look at things helps you understand behavior – yours, and the baby’s.

  • Ways to look at your child’s actions, and their world
  • Ways to look at your actions, and your roles
  • Ways to look at specific situations
  • John Gottman’s Emotion Coaching Technique
  • Advanced ideas for developing Agency and Executive Function in young children.
  • Tips and Tricks

They are studying you all the time – what are they learning?

  • What is a father’s presence – and how do you create yours?
  • Body language, voice, and how to use them
    • Learning from Premier League Referees
  • You are showing them how people deal with stuff
    • How to help them get the most from watching you cope
  • How to create a calm and relaxed family atmosphere
  • Modeling strength by showing weakness
  • Couple conflict and your child
  • Tips and Tricks
  • Roles with the baby
  • Roles in the new family
    • Things Dad owns
    • Things Dad can (and does) do by himself
    • Things Dad shares in
    • Things Dad has no control over (but supports, supplies, and protects)
  • Your New Job!
  • Being ready for anything – by accepting not being ready
  • Turning your natural instincts into what’s best for your baby
  • Wisdom, Quotes, Things to take home and stick on the refrigerator.
  • Q & A – final round of Tips and Tricks
  • The Brotherhood of Dads –
    • The Easy Way to Connect with Any Other Dad
    • The Importance of Connecting with Every Other Dad – and Changing the World
  • Top-Secret Final Magic Power Message!